Attitude is by far the most important asset you have, more important than skill, more important than your network, more important than everything. Your attitude will determine how far you make it in life. This is one man’s opinion and from what I have experienced thus far in my life, attitude is a really big deal.

Your attitude sets you apart from other people, it's your differentiator @esportsnarrativ

I remember in my younger years my parents used to reiterate to me attitude is important and being polite and showing respect for other human beings is important. I think that can all be categorized under attitude. It comes down to your personality as a whole. I’m not really sure how you develop or are taught good attitude. Obviously a lot of it comes from the way you’re parented and the circumstances of your upbringing and the people and things you associate with both growing up and day-to-day today. I just know that having the rind mindset about life is so vitally important to your success in the things you want to do in life.

Think about it. You can be the most amazing soccer player in the world, but if you’re a terrible human being no one is going to like you. No one is going to want to associate with you or put you on a team. If you’re rotten people are going to naturally gravitate away from you. We naturally want positivity and happiness in our lives, it’s how we are wired.

How you conduct yourself, the way you put yourself out to the world, the way you interact with other people, are you thinking about your attitude? When something goes wrong do you immediately blame someone else? When someone you rely on makes a mistake are you immediately jumping to conclusions without getting some facts first? When someone cuts you off on the highway, how do you react? These are just some questions you can ask.

I’m not saying it’s not ok to get frustrated or angry, but I am saying that maybe jumping down someone’s throat immediately or flaming someone on the internet for one comment, maybe that’s a harsh reaction that’s reflective on your attitude.

But that’s not all right. I think about work ethic or when someone asks for a favor or when you lose a game. How do you handle adversity.

Answering these questions and really thinking about them, I think, will really help you figure out how your attitude currently is. Take some stock of what that looks and feels like for you and ask yourself, is this the right way to handle this situation? Could I do more? What would happen if I went the extra mile? What would happen if I reacted with positivity when someone messes up rather than getting angry. How about, what would happen instead of being mad and salty and trolling someone when I lose a game, how would it feel to congratulate my opponent and be happy for them, realizing that you learn more when you lose, when you fail.

The most amazing part about all of this to me, is that you are fully in control of your attitude. You decide how you react and how you behave and interact. You can choose to have a good attitude by focusing on the positive, by uplifting other people, by going the extra mile and doing the right thing. You can decide to have a good attitude and you can decide to continue to develop your attitude.

This is just some of my random thoughts on attitude and how it plays out in life. I know for a fact, 1 trillion percent, the reason I have been successful in my career and in life and the reason I will continue to be successful and happy is because I know that a good attitude and mindset is the most important skill I have. It sets me apart from other people in their negativity and pessimistic viewpoints. It’s a differentiator for me. It’s something that we need to install more of in our peers and friends and family.

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