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Pierce on Smash, Life Lessons, Positivity and Growing the Fighting Game Community

September 06, 2017

In this episode you will hear from Pierce and how he got into the fighting game community. We then talk about Smash Bros. and Coaching TSM Zero, life lessons and being on the offense with positivity and we get into growing and fostering the fighting game community. Pierce is a super passionate guy, loves fighting games but that’s not all he loves. He follows and enjoys other esports as well. He is someone who wants to see the industry improve and continue to get better and better.

You can connect with Pierce on Twitter @pierce7d or YouTube. He often puts out short 2 minute videos about random topics related to esports and fighting games on Twitter and YouTube, be sure to check those out.

TSM Zero's play on Mr. R at EVO 2015 was one of the hypest combos to ever happen @pierce7d #esportsnarrative

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Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [00:43] How did you get into esports, fighting games and coaching TSM Zero? When Pierce started competing in Super Smash Bros Melee (age 16, now 26) it wasn’t called esports. Very into video games from a young age. Met TSM Zero in 2008 where Pierce went top 50 in the world in Super Smash Bros Brawl, they became very close friends. Pierce retired from smash in 2012 to focus more on shoutcasting. Late 2014 Pierce took a step away from fgc. End of 2016 Pierce got back into the Smash scene and TSM Zero reached out and wanted Pierce to be his coach
  • [12:00] What makes a good esports coach? Make sure the players mentality is always in the right spot. Preparation and developing strategies for each opponent is the most important
  • [16:35] What is esports? The entertainment medium where competitive video games are played and spectated
  • [17:27] Worst moment in esports? During Civil War TSM Zero was really hyped up for the event and he ended up placing very low, something like 49th and it was a really disappointing event for Pierce. Evo was a really devastating trip for them as well. Pierce prepared so hard for the event
    • [23:00] No one remembers second place
  • [23:40] What did you learn from that experience? It sucks to lose
  • [25:45] Biggest accomplishment? Proud of being involved at the beginning of Super Smash commentary and his past work commentating
  • [27:28] Why is esports so exciting? Fighting games and Street Fighter V is one of the easiest games to spectate compared to many other games
  • [30:40] 5 Question Combo Breaker
    • [30:43] Best advice someone has ever given you? It costs nothing to say you’re sorry
    • [31:42] What does the esports industry or the fighting game community needs to continue to grow and be successful? Pierce thinks the best way to generate more interest in fighting games is to have a league
    • [39:36] Best play you’ve seen or the most memorable moment for you in esports? TSM Zero’s play on Mr. R at EVO 2015 where he finishes the tournament with one of the hypest combos ever
    • [41:10] Share a resource that’s been beneficial to you in your career. SSB World ( Studying psychology and elements of the mind. Pierce IS a resource of his own
    • [43:09] What’s one daily habit that’s been the biggest factor for your success? “Trying to make sure that i’m always pushing other people forward.” Being a very positive focal point for everyone else is a very big deal
  • [45:00] What’s your advice for an aspiring professional Smash player? You need to understand the importance of efficiency and optimization. You need to be aware of what you’re doing and if you’re doing it the best you can and if not how can you make it better. Ask that question about everything you do
    • [46:35] You also need to understand how you learn and broaden your ability to learn different things

3 Big Narratives

  1. Preparation and strategy are extremely important in fighting games
  2. It takes people who are very passionate about esports and want to help teach others for the industry to continue to grow
  3. You need to understand yourself, how you learn and find the best way for you to improve and optimize your skills and talents


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