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Daniil Pauley on Getting Into Esports and Getting Hands On Skills

September 11, 2017

On this episode we talk with Daniil Pauley about some things you can do right now to get started in esports. We talk about just doing something to get started and not being afraid to try new things. We talk about where the opportunities are in esports, particularly with organizing, scheduling and managing teams. Please share this episode with someone who loves esports and wants to find a way to get started doing something in this amazing industry.

You can engage with Daniil on Twitter @cheeseheadlogic and on Twitch under the same name.

If you want to get into #esports, focus on getting hands on experience. Start right now and don't be afraid to try different things. @cheeseheadlogic @esportsnarrativ

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Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [00:56] How did you get into esports and how did you get to become the Production Director for the Collegiate Starleague (CSL)? First gaming system was when he lived in russia. It was called a Dendy. He has always played games and when he was a teenager he started getting into pc a bit more. Eventually in college got into Starcraft and then Starcraft2 and wanted to become a professional player. He realized maybe he wouldn’t be able to go pro so he started looking at other things to do in esports. From 2011 – 2014 did Starcraft2 commentary along with other games as well. Then he began casting for CSL and from there worked up to the Production Director position.
  • [6:22] What does a production director do? Planning out content for the year, mainly streams is a big part. The who what where when and how. There is a lot of project management, coordination, communication and scheduling. CSL is going to be hiring more casters so there is interviewing and planning that goes into that.
  • [8:48] What is esports and why is it so exciting? A competitive outlet that is not sports.
  • [12:00] Why do people fail to succeed in esports? Overshooting expectations or setting expectations too high or thinking they are better at something than they really are
  • [14:20] Worst moment in esports and how did you overcome it? In 2013 Daniil got invited to cast dreamhack moscow. Daniil was a dual citizen and was about to get his passport and since he was a russian citizen he wasn’t allowed a visa. His passport arrived a month too late and he wasn’t able to attend. It was really disappointing but he realized it was just one event and he’s still young and has a lot of time. It’s a grind and a process and you just have to get back up and keep moving forward
  • [16:27] Biggest accomplishment? Hit GrandMaster in 2011 in Starcraft2. CSL Finals in Toronto was really rewarding and Daniil says he was really proud of that event
  • [18:18] Where is the opportunity and how can we capitalize on the excitement of esports? The opportunity is literally everywhere. One big weakness in a lot of teams or organizations is scheduling, leadership and management.
  • [20:40] 5 Question Combo Breaker
    • [20:50] Best advice someone has ever given you? There are consequences for every decision, think before you do
    • [21:43] What does the esports industry need to continue to grow and be successful? Helping kids bridge education and real life aspects with gaming. Too many people feel like they need to go pro right away or give up their whole life to go pro
    • [24:32] Best play you’ve seen or the most memorable moment for you in esports? Mvp vs Squirtle GSL Finals in Starcraft2. Also, Dendi Pudge Puppey Chen fountain hooking – NaVi vs TongFu – Dota 2 #ti3 LINK TO VIDEO
    • [26:14] What’s one specific action step anyone can take today to get started in esports? Get hands on experience, start right now and don’t be afraid to try different things
      • [28:50] Do you think it’s valuable to do work for free if you’re just getting started? Yes but only to an extent. That’s part of getting experience is knowing your self-worth. If you’re brand new and have never done anything then sure go volunteer and learn a little bit first, but know your self-worth and your experience you do have
    • [30:16] What’s one daily habit that’s been the biggest factor for your success? Have your ear to the ground and know what’s going on. Stay up-to-date on things happening in esports and always be checking up on things, especially in multiple different games not just one. Follow other games and the communities in those games
  • [33:25] Let’s say you’re brand new and just getting started, what would your life look like 30, 60, 90 and 1 year later? There’s a lot of areas of interest for Daniil but one area where he thinks he would focus would be on commentating or operating and organizing. There is a lot to understand but you want to focus on the tournaments and formats

3 Big Narratives

  1. There are consequences for every decision, think before you do
  2. There are big opportunities in esports, particularly with organizing, scheduling and managing teams
  3. Find a way to get hands on experience and know your self-worth so you’re not being taken advantage of


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