Phillip Jones aka Coach Phil on Job Security in Esports

August 08, 2017

TEN:002 | Job Security in Esports with Phillip Jones aka Coach Phil

Phillip ‘Coach Phil’ Jones is the coach of Splyce and a Halo veteran. He’s coached professional teams since the release of Halo 3 when he was only 15 years old. Now, with nearly seven years of experience, Phil’s wealth of knowledge helps his team keep composure and close out games. The team trusts in his expertise in and outside of the game. His highest achievements include taking home bronze at the Halo 5: Guardians showcase event at the 2016 Winter X Games.

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Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [2:10] How did you get into esports?
    • [2:13] Started coaching at age 14, first event was age 15
    • [2:23] Youngest, longest running pro coach according to Phil [presumably he means halo?]
    • [2:28] First event, Columbus 2009 with Adrenaline Rush in Halo 3
    • [3:00] Took a little bit of a break for school (junior high)
    • [3:18] Joined Active Rush, middle of the pack top 12 pro team
    • [3:50] Went on to coach a number of other well known teams
    • [4:35] Got back into Halo 5 and joined Allegiance with Naded
    • [4:53] Won Bronze at the 2016 Winter X Games
    • [5:15] After being dropped from Allegiance, joined Winter Fox with Shooter and Ryanoob
    • [6:30] After a long history with a number of players and teams along with Allegiance the first iteration of Splyce is born
    • [6:50] The roster as it stands today is Shooter, Shotzzy, Bubu Dubu and Renegade
    • [6:53] The Splyce Halo team won Dreamhack Atlanta [July 23rd 2017, Congratulations on your win!]
  • [7:44] What’s your biggest failure that you’ve had to overcome?
    • [7:50] Getting dropped from Allegiance, they wanted a former pro player who didn’t qualify for worlds as their coach, this was something they were just looking for
    • [8:10] Big reason was, wasn’t on and committed enough
  • [10:04] How were you able to overcome the odds and take down Optic?
    • [11:02] After some delays and pushbacks on Friday and playing Liquid on Saturday the team tried to get as much sleep as they could
    • [11:15] Team had time to sleep in and relax a bit before getting in and warming up
    • [11:20] The team goes over each of the game types and the strategy
    • [11:36] We look at it like we’re the best team
    • [11:36] VALUE BOMB What this means to me is you have to be confident in your team and in your strategy and you have to fully commit 200% and give every ounce of your focus. You have to trust one another to pull out their best game and believe it’s going to happen.
  • [14:32] What’s your biggest accomplishment in esports?
    • [14:36] X-Games may be the coolest, because of being on ESPN
    • [15:11] Winning [Dreamhack Atlanta] is a big motivator, and the highest point for Phil
  • [17:16] How do you get to the level of being able to play on a professional team?
    • [17:25]  As far as coaching goes, loyalty is huge
    • [17:50] It’s hard to be loyal all the time, but loyalty is really big with coaches because of the player to coach ratio, supply and demand
    • [18:30] Best thing you can do is follow a player that your previously coached to a new team that doesn’t have one or join a team that’s up and coming that you think could be a pro team and work with them
    • [18:53] It’s all about loyalty and connections and friendships
    • [20:25] It helps to be a manager, someone that will take point in the organization for the team
  • [21:35] What gets you excited about esports?
    • [21:44] Phil is always an upbeat guy, he never wakes up and doesn’t feel like he wants to deal with it
    • [22:03] The potential that’s out there everyday to do something new and great is always out there for everybody
    • [22:09] VALUE BOMB The more you wake up with a negative mindset that just stops you from actually doing something with your life
    • [22:28] If you’re able to make someone laugh or smile each day then you did something right
  • [24:00] 5 Question Combo Breaker
    • [24:05] Best advice someone has ever given you? If you want it as bad as you want to breathe you will be successful
    • [24:30] Biggest factor for your personal success? Networking and being an approachable person and building relationships. Trying my hardest day in and day out
    • [25:00] What does esports need to do to continue to grow and be successful? Continuously getting bigger and better sponsors and a bigger audience. Work needs to be done with contracts and player unions and different aspects of protecting organizations and players
    • [25:56] If you were not in esports what would you be doing? Law school is my primary goal, so becoming an attorney and hopefully work in the esports field
    • [26:39] Best play you’ve ever seen in esports? There’s too many to even think about, but 1 in particular, is Shooter and his sticky grenades throughout the entire tournament and his clutch stickies were the best and really game changing

You can connect with Coach Phil (he loves lots of followers 🙂 ) on twitter @CoachPhil_. Phil also wanted to thank Splyce and Marty (CEO of Splyce) and all of the Managers for everything they have done as well as all of the amazing sponsors of Splyce.

3 Big Narratives

  1. Confidence in your team and strategy and trust in eachother cannot be undervalued
  2. Having a negative mindset stops you from actually doing what it is you want to do, be positive always,  positivity is infectious
  3. Loyalty, connections and friendships are really big factors to your success and being strong in these area will only benefit you


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