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Bryant Huggins aka SmugDaBeast Funniest Man in Fighting Games

September 25, 2017

The funniest man in fighting games joins us on the podcast. You can’t escape the laughter when this guy is around. We hit some major big topics and drilled down into some specifics on how to handle losing and what’s missing from the FGC that’s necessary for it to continue to grow and be successful. We began this episode with hilarity and we end it with laughter. Thank you for listening. Please pass this one on! Smug is a Pro SFV player for , he is an  Ambassador. You can find Smug on Twitter @SmugDaBeast, Twitch, Instagram and Youtube SmugDa Beast94.

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [1:40] How did you get into Street Fighter?
  • [4:24] How many hours do you put into training?
  • [5:27] How did you get to be a part of Rise Nation?
  • [6:35] What are some concerns you should be aware of when picking a sponsor?
  • [7:40] How would you describe esports?
  • [8:18] How excited were you when Eleague picked up Street Fighter?
  • [9:13] Most exciting thing for you so far?
  • [10:44] How did it feel to be on TV?
  • [11:10] What’s one thing you’ve struggled with?
  • [12:22] How do you feel about coaching in fighting games?
  • [15:12] How do you handle defeat and get over a loss?
  • [16:15] Biggest accomplishment so far?
  • [17:30] What’s missing from the FGC that’s necessary for it to continue to grow and be successful?
  • [19:08] What’s the breakdown of the FGC tournament scene?
  • [22:20] How has it been streaming and building up your community and fanbase?
  • [24:33] What’s your advice for new streamers?
  • [25:48] Advice for someone who is trying to go pro in Street Fighter?
  • [29:12] What’s one of the sickest moments in fighting games?
  • [32:44] What is one habit that’s helped you become a top player?
  • [34:56] Can you be competitive at multiple fighting games?

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