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Double the Esports Fun with XenosKing & Adam_Bommb

September 29, 2017

This was a super special episode with not one, but two guests, Peter Lam @XenosKing and Adam Baugh @Adam_Bommb. Together they host the Fog of War Esports Podcast on Twitch.tv and a passion for all things video games. It was really great diving into their story, collegiate esports and what is motivating them to continue doing what they are doing. Please give this one a share!

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [2:00] What’s your origin story and how did you get into video games and esports?
  • [5:56] When did you realize this esports thing could actually be something you could make a career out of?
  • [8:45] What was it like starting an esports associate at your colleges?
  • [15:42] How has being president of a collegiate esports associate helped prepare you for what you’re doing now and the future?
  • [24:30] What drives you & where do you get your ambition from?
  • [31:07] Are you in esports for life or what is your big goal in life?
  • [35:31] Advice for someone getting into esports as a career?
  • [45:45] What’s the Fog of War Esports Podcast all about?
  • [51:15] How did you decide on the name Fog of War?

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