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Josh Chapman on Finding the Big Fish in a Small Esports Pond

October 02, 2017

Josh Chapman @joshchapmn of Konvoy ( Fundraising Platform for the Esports & Video Gaming Sectors) joins us this time and we go DEEP into investing in esports from a number of angles. We talk mistakes, risks to be on the lookout for, returns investors should expect, where the opportunities are for additional monetization sources and we top it off with some life advice. There is seriously some really great information in this episode. Would love your feedback and if you have any additional questions feel free to reach out to Josh or myself on Twitter!

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [00:50] What’s your origin story and how did you get to this point in your career?
  • [4:20] What are the ways you can invest in esports?
  • [5:38] How do I get investors to invest in my esports startup?
  • [8:43] What’s the biggest mistake you see new investors or founders make?
  • [12:15] What are the risks investors should be wary of in the esports market?
  • [14:40] What kind of returns are investors are hoping for and what can they expect?
  • [17:55] What does an investor hope to return on something like the $35 Million investment from the Hersh Family into Team EnVyUs?
  • [20:00] As a Team Owner how and where can you find investors?
  • [24:16] Where else or how else can we monetize esports?
  • [26:41] What do you think the esports industry needs to continue to grow and be successful?
  • [30:27] How do you feel about the schedule competition between major esports leagues, majors, etc.?
  • [33:44] Biggest accomplishment so far in your career?
  • [35:48] If you could only give one piece of advice about life, career, business what would it be?
  • [38:04] Favorite game to play & favorite game to watch?
  • [42:40] Where can someone go to learn more about esports or investing?

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