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Day In The Esports Life Jonathan Gazer aka CircaGazer

October 06, 2017

Jonathan Gazer aka @circagazer joins me this time to talk about what life looks like as a COO of an esports organization. We talk about the ration between volunteer and paid staff in the industry, the current state of esports, what NA CS needs to do to be able to compete with other regions, why orgs recruit so many streamers and so much more! Please share this episode with some friends!

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [0:50] How did you get into video games?
  • [2:48] Who founded Circa and when did you come into the mix?
  • [3:55] Are you full-time in esports or what else or are you doing?
  • [4:50] How much of the team is volunteer vs paid?
  • [6:21] What do you do for Circa as a COO?
  • [7:35] Hardest part about being COO for Circa?
  • [8:20] What is the current state of esports?
  • [15:09] What are the reasons people fail to succeed with their org or team?
  • [15:57] Biggest accomplishments for you thus far?
  • [17:45] What does NA CS need to be able to compete with teams from other parts of the world?
  • [25:05] Why are teams/orgs recruiting streamers?
  • [26:30] Is that the future model for esports organizations, to have a large group of streamers in their org?
  • [31:30] What’s it like streaming on platform other than twitch?
  • [34:47] Best advice someone has ever given you?
  • [36:05] What does the esports industry need to do to grow and continue to be successful?
  • [42:12] Best play you’ve seen or the most memorable moment for you in esports?
  • [44:05] Advice for those wanting to get into esports?


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