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Call of Duty & That Streamer Grind with StDxRelapse

October 09, 2017

Today on the podcast we have @StDxRelapse. A Call of Duty streamer and Twitch Affiliate. Listen in as we talk about that streamer life and grind, the benefits of joining a team, what to look for in teammates and what the future of Call of Duty looks like. Thanks for listening in, hope you really enjoy this one!

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [0:45] How did you get into video games?
  • [1:37] Why did you get into streaming?
  • [2:40] What’s been the best return for you when it comes to building your community?
  • [3:20] How do you handle toxic people in twitch chat or online?
  • [4:50] How did you get the opportunity to join Stdx as a streamer?
  • [6:37] Why did you want to join a team?
  • [7:45] What’s the benefit of joining a team?
  • [8:30] Advice for new streamers?
  • [9:55] Biggest accomplishment for you so far?
  • [11:03] Thoughts on WW2?
  • [14:30] What’s it like recruiting a team?
  • [15:25] Top 3 things you look for in teammates
  • [16:50] Best advice someone has ever given you?
  • [17:38] How long have you been playing CoD?
  • [18:44] What does CoD needs to continue to grow and be successful?
  • [19:58] If you could what would you change about CoD?
  • [21:03] Best play you’ve seen or most memorable moment?
  • [22:53] Where do you see CoD in 3-5 years?

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