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Amine Issa Ph.D. A Gun Arm Would Be Really Cool To Make

October 13, 2017

Amine Issa Ph. D. is passionate about changing the way the world sees Esports. He researched human performance at the Mayo Clinic and is now the Founder at Mobalytics He’s a former WoW Arena player for Fnatic and shared some really interesting stories.

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [1:00] Where did you grow up?
  • [10:16] What is human performance?
  • [19:06] Why do we have that feeling of wanting to improve?
  • [21:03] How did the idea of Mobalytics happen?
  • [36:10] So it’s been about a year since Mobalytics was founded, what’s the last year been like for you?
  • [38:53] Demystify machine learning for us
  • [41:15] What’s the secret to improving your league of legends gameplay?
  • [42:55] Are you looking at applying this to other games?
  • [52:07] What does the esports industry need to do to grow and continue to be successful?


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