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You Miss 100% of the Aerials You Don’t Take with William ‘Heroiikz’ Depietro

October 30, 2017

William ‘Heroiikz’ Depietro joins us this time to talk about all things Rocket League. Heroiikz is a twitch affiliate (link to stream) and professional Rocket League player for Onslaught Clan. You can catch him occasionally playing Fortnite and all around having a great time on his stream. We talk the skill ceiling in RL, what separates gold, platinum and champion level players, how to break through to the next level as a competitive player and so much more. Please share with your rocket league friends and community and most importantly let me know what you think about this episode on twitter. Use the hashtag #EsportsNarrative

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [1:05] What’s your story and how did you get to be doing what you’re doing right now?
  • [3:12] What kinds of training is your team doing to prepare for the next RLCS run?
  • [4:20] As a player, why do you choose rocket league over any other esport?
  • [5:23] What makes you attracted to the game and what pushes you to continue with it in the future?
  • [7:56] Rocket league in the beginning was assumed to have a infinite or super super high skill ceiling. Does that still seem to be the case? What do you think is the next style of play that top pros will try to achieve?
  • [11:31] Lower level players always want to know how to get better. What specific tips would you give?
  • [13:16] What separates a gold, platinum, diamond player from a champion?
  • [18:41] How do you break through to get to the next level of skill?
  • [21:48] A big issue with RL recently is grand champs not feeling something to gain from the GC level. Does you feel this way? What can psyonix do to improve that?
  • [23:00] What do you want to see in the RL esports scene in the future?
  • [26:27] What are your goals as a player & what is the streaming grind like?
  • [38:40] Do you feel casting represents the players well? Do you think there is something they should improve on?
  • [40:29] Best advice someone has ever given you in Rocket League?


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