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How NOT to become the NCAA of Esports with Tyler Schrodt

November 06, 2017

From longboards to esports, the man with the best beard in esports, Tyler Schrodt on how NOT to be come the NCAA of esports while becoming a better version of the NCAA for esports. On this episode Tyler share’s his narrative and how he got into video games and ultimately the competitive video game industry, how his startup the Electronic Gaming Federation was launched following a business competition, should esports athletes be able to earn money while going to college, how NOT to become the NCAA and a bunch more. I hope you listen all the way to the end and if you enjoyed this episode, please share it with your community, help me get the word out about the EGF and this podcast!

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [01:22] What’s your narrative?
  • [06:35] What drove you to want to build a company of your own?
    • [10:05] “Most important lesson that I was taught early on was, if you screwed up, admit that you screwed up and then figure out how to fix it as quickly as you can.”
  • [15:04] You won the RIT Spring Business plan competition, which provided you the initial seed money to launch EGF. Top 5 in the RIT Tiger Tank, one of 6 teams accepted into the 2014 Saunders Summer Start-up program. What makes EGF unique? How does EGF compare with organizations like NACE?
    • [19:34] “What ultimately came of it was this mission, that we always had in the back of our mind, what we now refer to as being the next generation of the NCAA. We don’t think about it as something that replaces sports or even necessarily falls under the same category but really looks at what sports has set in terms of precedents and sort of evolved beyond that.”
  • [23:16] Where does your money come from?
  • [24:48] Last year 40 colleges established varsity esports programs. How many are there today? How many will there be a year from now?
  • [26:07] How many schools does EGF have under its brand?
  • [30:20] How many people do you have on staff?
  • [31:34] Should collegiate esports athletes be allowed to make money?
  • [36:10] Do you think esports will force the NCAA to change or adapt?
  • [38:50] How do you NOT become the NCAA? How do you be better?
    • [38:50] “I think a lot of it starts with core values of what we do and how we represent ourselves. Some of the conversations that we had early on was EGF is a for-profit company. That lets us do a lot of interesting things about how we operate, what we’re allowed to do and ultimately keep up that level of transparency and I think that’s a really important component because although being a non-profit may be in our future at least in some degree or some form, it really sets the tone for us not hiding who we are and not becoming that black box and making sure that everybody’s accountable for anything that’s going on.”
  • [43:02] Are you getting pushback and how do you explain the value of esports to the community?
    • [49:39] “One of the things that I love talking about more than anything is how we try to impact the mental health challenges that tend to be a little bit more pronounced in our community.”
  • [50:38] What else does the esports industry need to continue to grow and be successful?
  • [54:15] How do you bridge the gap between 18 yr old and 40 year olds?
  • [59:34] How do you maintain such a stunning beard?


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