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Rocket League AMA with Wonder from Ambition Gaming

November 13, 2017

Nicholas “Wonder” Blackerby, a Rocket League player/Streamer for Ambition Gaming, has achieved Grand Champion in Ranked Doubles since season 3, Champion or higher in Ranked Standard and has been a Grand Champion in every other category at one point or another since season 3. He plays for Ambition Gamers who are currently competing in the RLRS. In this episode we talk about how Wonder got started in Rocket League and how many hours he spends practicing. We also talk about how to break through to get to the next level, the biggest mistakes new players make and who he thinks is going to win the RLCS world championships. All that and so much more. Show Wonder some love on Twitter @Wonder_RL and shoot him a follow on Twitch.TV/Wonder_RL as well.

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [01:59] What’s your story and what compelled you to play RL and eventually play competitively?
  • [03:0] When did you know you could play Rocket League at a high level?
  • [03:24] What makes rocket league so much fun for you?
  • [03:45] Keyboard & mouse or controller? Why?
  • [04:35] How many hours a day do you play vs train/practice?
  • [05:16] Do you and your team draw up plays at all before a game or ever practice “set pieces” or is it all reacting to how the game is flowing and just ‘feeling it’ on the fly?
  • [06:14] Being touted as and under rated team, yet still having beaten the best of the best on a number of occasions, what do you think it will take to be taken seriously among the community as a contender, and how do you plan on implementing that reason into your gameplay?
  • [07:21] How do you break through to get to the next level of skill?
  • [08:37] Biggest mistake you see new players make?
  • [10:35] What is the current META in RL and do you see anyone/pros trying to change it?
  • [12:52] Are all cars completely equal in regard to gameplay?
  • [14:22] Biggest accomplishment thus far?
  • [16:02] What are your dreams as a player or streamer?
  • [16:47] How likely do you think it is for new players to go pro?
  • [19:29] Who do you hate to face in 1v1s?
  • [20:16] What is your biggest pet peeve in casting?
  • [21:17] What is the biggest change you want to see to Rocket League currently?
  • [22:17] What do you think the future of RLCS is like? Do you think it can compete with other top esports?
  • [22:54] The RLCS World Championships started today – who do you have winning and who else is looking strong to you?
  • [23:50] Who are the top 3 NA players in your opinion?
  • [24:33] Best advice someone has ever given you?
  • [24:50] Best play you’ve seen in Rocket League?
  • [26:23] If not RL what would you be doing?
  • [27:05] Do you carry PrimeThunder or does he carry you? 

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