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Esports Industry Discussion with Maurice Eisenmann

November 20, 2017

Maurice Eisenmann, of WHAM Network & the Esports B.O.O.M. podcast, joins me today on the show to go deep into some esports industry questions i’ve been mulling over the past couple weeks. Maurice was such a great guest to have on the show. He has a wealth of experience and information, which makes for a really awesome episode. We talk about the esports bubble, what the industry is lacking, the pros and cons of geolocated brands such as for the Overwatch League and tons more insightful topics. Definitely do not want to miss this one.

You can catch Maurice on twitter @mreisenmann and check out his podcast on iTunes

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [02:57] What’s your story – how did you get into video games and ultimately esports?
  • [09:05] What do you do professionally for WHAM?
  • [11:41] Why did you start B.O.O.M & what does B.O.O.M stand for?
  • [13:31] Why is esports exploding now?
  • [16:08] Do you like the direction the esports industry is going?
  • [18:18] Is the esports industry in a bubble right now?
  • [19:55] What is lacking or lagging behind right now in esports?
  • [22:01] How do we continue to close the gap on those who don’t know esports exists and raging fans?
  • [32:32] What kind of personnel is required to produce really good content like what Optic or Liquid are doing?
  • [35:23] Are the big sports franchises looking for huge returns like the Dallas Cowboys had when they were first purchased?
  • [38:14] Is it a good thing to create geolocated brands for an industry that’s global by its very nature?
  • [41:41] What’s the end result of the OWL not working?
  • [43:51] What “gotcha’s” should we as an industry of creators/streamers/players/teams/organizations watch out for?
  • [46:50] How do you feel about the Star Wars Battlefront 2 debacle? Then shortly after they changed their mind.
  • [51:03] How do you feel about the Esports Industry Awards? Popularity contest?

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