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Occupy Overwatch with High Noon Podcasters Death Blow & Blevins

November 27, 2017

I’m super excited to have @HNPDeathBlow  & @The_Blevins From the High Noon Podcast on the show. The High Noon Podcast is THE competitive overwatch podcast.These guys are super funny, they have a great podcast that’s been going on for about 2 years now and they are creating a really awesome community around the competitive overwatch scene. You can catch them live every Monday night at 7pm eastern on http://Twitch.tv/highnoonpodcast. Their show is also on YouTube and iTunes and i’m sure plenty of other places. Go check them out. Give them your support and join their discord community.

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [02:15] What’s your story – how did you get into video games and ultimately esports & overwatch?
  • [06:21] What is your main?
  • [07:08] What do you guys do for a living?
  • [08:55] How did the idea for the High Noon Podcast come about?
  • [12:39] You guys have created a great touch point for the competitive overwatch community with your show the High Noon Podcast. How do you keep a pulse on the competitive overwatch community?
  • [15:54] What do you think about the content around the OWL? From the teams to the league itself. What would you like to see more of as fans?
  • [18:03] You guys touched on the observer mode changes a little bit in your Overwatch World Cup episode, but is the overwatch class based shooter style game too difficult for an esports audience?
  • [21:26] What’s the current meta? Is it different in bronze as opposed to gold/plat to OWL?
    From a competitive standpoint?
  • [25:04] Would you call Overwatch a success thus far, why/why not?
  • [27:18] Many people have said that the “Overwatch League has the potential to be incredibly harmful and burn a bunch of people.” Do you agree?
  • [32:35] How do you think the viewership numbers for the Overwatch World Cup panned out in relation to expectations? https://esc.watch/blog/post/blizzcon2017-stats
  • [35:43] How do you think the global viewership numbers are going to pan out? Do you think there will be less viewership outside of the US because of game/broadcast times?
  • [37:25] Is it a good thing to create geolocated brands for an industry that’s global by its very nature?
  • [40:25] What “gotchas” should we as an industry of creators/streamers/players/teams/organizations watch out for?
  • [44:29] As an amateur gamer, how can someone prepare and attempt to play Overwatch at the pro level?
  • [47:55] Is age a determining factor at becoming a professional Overwatch player?
  • [50:55] Who are the movers and shakers of the industry?
  • [55:54] What resources are available to look up or track detailed information about Overwatch heroes or gameplay or statistics?


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