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Documenting the Journey of Starting a Professional Esports Organization with Brayden Wilmoth

December 11, 2017

This episode with Brayden Wilmoth, Founder and Owner of Rockets Esports is a beast of an episode. If you’re curious about starting an esports organization, do not miss this episode. We talk about documenting the journey of starting a professional esports organization and so so much more. From beginning to end the next 60 minutes is packed with interesting perspectives, insights and great ideas and conversation. Brayden was previously with Method Gaming. He occasionally streams on Twitch at You can find Brayden on Twitter @APotentBeast. Check out Rockets Esports at and on Twitter @RocketsEsports.

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [03:35] What’s your story, how did you get into video games and esports? What’s your career/job background?
  • [06:36] Why did you leave Method/Why start your own organization/How did Rockets Esports come to be?
  • [08:15] Self funded? Investors? What did that look like for you starting out?
  • [12:18] What social platforms are you looking to create content on?
  • [15:10] What was your first team you signed and how did it happen?
  • [16:40] How did you go from 1 team to multiple teams?
  • [18:40] What’s the power of networking and creating relationships?
  • [20:17] What’s the appeal of WoW arena to you from an organization standpoint?
  • [23:37] What’s your reason for keeping an Overwatch team and how is that going to play out for you going forward?
  • [26:49] What’s a typical day look like for you?
  • [31:02] How do you get into esports as a player or in management?
  • [35:30] How big is Rockets Esports?
  • [37:52] What’s been the most important thing for you that has prevented you from crashing and burning so far?
  • [39:34] Have you ever had the feeling of just throwing in the towel and not pursuing this mission of running an esports organization?
  • [41:11] What’s the importance of having streamers associated with your org?
  • [44:55] How do orgs make money?
  • [48:24] Should player salaries be public?
  • [51:22] How can the volatile nature of esports orgs be smoothed out? Do you market forces eventually just teach people the difficulty of forming and running a business the hard way or is there a better learning process?
  • [53:35] What factors have most contributed to the rise of esports?
  • [55:10] What are your thoughts on esports for the future, from a financial aspect and what does that mean for the divide between professional and amateur esports organizations?
  • [58:27] What do you think the esports industry needs to continue to grow and be successful?


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