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Is There a Holy Grail of Esports Content with Christian Bishop CEO GG Media Network

December 18, 2017

Another gem of an episode with Christian Bishop CEO of GG Media Network. We talk about the Holy Grail of esports content (or so we think) and how brands, content creators and influencers can break through the noise, get their content and message seen and heard and what we need to do to continue to grow and be successful at this esports thing. Let me know what you all think of this episode on Twitter! | |

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [03:16] What’s your origin story? When & How did you get into video games?
  • [06:28] What is GG Media Network and how did it come about?
  • [07:19] You met with Garyvee a while back. How was that and what did you talk about?
  • [08:31] What is the holy grail of esports content?
  • [11:07] How do you as a brand or content creator break through ad blocking and get your message heard?
  • [13:54] Can you see a world where esports is on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, etc? Or does somewhere else make sense other than Twitch & YouTube?
  • [15:33] What platforms should video game & esports influencers be paying attention to?
  • [17:53] Where can you break through the noise to get more attention or exposure? Is it Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or all three?
  • [20:27] What factors have most contributed to the rise of esports?
  • [21:57] What do you think the esports media companies and content creators need to continue to grow and be successful?
  • [23:27] What were the highlights of 2017 for you, your company, and the Esports community? What are your goals for 2018 for yourself and GG Media?


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