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Team Kaliber’s Cinderella Story & The Biggest Console Esport: Call of Duty with Brendan Chave

January 01, 2018

Welcome to 2018! This episode is ALL about Call of Duty Esports! My guest Brendan Chave @BrendoTGB on Twitter and I talk about TK’s cinderella story, we talk about Optic and Splyce and Faze and Luminosity. We talk about WHY Call of Duty is the #1 console esport right now, we talk some predictions for CWL New Orleans and so much more. Stick around until the end because I have a special message about wanting some help creating this podcast!

Shoutout to CODGamepedia, Hardpoints podcast with merk and tp,  Brendan’s YouTube

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [01:26] Video game & esports origin story
  • [06:32] Describe what you do for CODGamepedia
  • [07:50] What’s your favorite type of esports content to make and consume?
  • [12:38] Long term goals
  • [16:07] What has contributed to Call of Duty being the #1 console esport right now?
  • [19:07] There have only been 2 major tournaments in WW2, but, how do you think the boots on the ground is playing out and will continue to play out for the 2018 CWL season?
  • [22:21] Didn’t you actually predicted an upset and have TK as one of the teams to look out for that could even possibly win CWL Dallas?
  • [25:24] How did TK do so well in Dallas compared their history in major tournaments?
  • [31:25] What’s the deal with the Northern Arena Showdown?
  • [32:34] Luminosity won the 2018 Northern Arena Showdown. How impressive, or not, do they look to you?
  • [34:35] What’s it going to take for eUnited to win a major tournament?
  • [36:22] Why was Faze the favorite going into NA Showdown?
  • [38:08] What’s another team that could have the cinderella story brewing? Who should we be looking out for?
  • [39:15] What’s your top 3 teams for NA and EU?
  • [45:42] What do you think about a Call of Duty Summit event, just like the CSGO one? (Question found on Cod Competitive subreddit by Druid00)
  • [50:09] What do you think will be the next big esport? Console, PC, Mobile etc.?


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