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The Amateur Esports Pipeline with John Fazio CEO N3rd Street Gamers

January 08, 2018

John Fazio @jfaz and I talk about the Amateur Esports Pipeline. John is CEO and Chairman of N3rd Street Gamers – N3rd St Gamers is a Philadelphia gaming community of competitive and recreational video gamers. They produce a series of esport events including: Fragadelphia, Cheesadelphia, and many other gaming events.

In this episode we talk about the technology consulting seed that started n3rd street gamers, the current and future state of amateur esports, the marketability of amateur esports athletes and developing a portfolio, where collegiate esports fits into the mix and so much more. This episode is packed with insights into the esports industry, operating a league and tournament series and how to think about and play nice with game developers.

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [01:30] What’s your earliest memories of playing video games?
  • [02:29] Why is esports so exciting and exploding in growth?
  • [04:23] You started Jarvus in 2007. What was it like building that and was there any focus on video games or was that strictly tech? (I misspoke here. Localhost is actually the esports arena created by NSG)
  • [07:58] When did you get the sense that this esports thing could be full time?
  • [10:07] So you received an investment from Ryan Howard and SeventySix Capital Esports. Did it give you validation that this could actually work long term?
  • [13:42] What’s your advice for esports event or tournament organizers who want to grow their organization and expand their events?
  • [15:45] Your tagline on your website says: “America’s premier amateur esports pipeline.” What do you mean by pipeline? What’s your vision for what you’re creating?
  • [18:56] How do your market yourself and develop your esports portfolio as an amateur?
  • [20:46] What does amateur esports look like to you in 10-20 years?
  • [22:47] Where does collegiate esports fit into the amateur and pro scene?
  • [27:14] What’s something you see gamers & streamers not doing that they should be to develop their brand?
  • [29:24] What’s been the most difficult thing you’ve done or had to deal with along the way and what’s one thing you can see being a roadblock or a hurdle in the future?
  • [32:47] Game developers cracking down and restricting who can run tournaments for their game and who can’t?
  • [37:00] Where can people connect with you and NSG? Shoutouts, plugs, etc.

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