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The Inaugural NBA 2K League with Grant Paranjape Director of Esports for Monumental Sports Entertainment

January 15, 2018

I had a blast talking with Grant Paranjape about esports and the NBA 2K League! (@keiranthil on Twitter) Grant is the Director of Esports for Monumental Sports Entertainment (MSE). MSE owns and operates the Washington Capitals (NHL), Washington Wizards (NBA), Washington Mystics (WNBA) and Capital One Arena in downtown Washington, D.C.

In this episode we talk about how Grant got into esports, what his job looks like, the motivation and goal of the 2k league, the importance of content and media production for both the league and for players wanting to develop their personal brand, what it’s going to take to get drafted, how to be a “clean streamer” and so much more! Stick around until the end to hear me try and get Grant to take some shots at the other teams. :O)

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [02:02] Twitter handle, please explain?
  • [05:36] How old are you?
  • [06:02] When did you view esports as a career?
  • [09:37] Why do you think esports is exploding?
  • [13:17] Describe your role/responsibilities and share what has it been like as a whole so far?
  • [18:35] What’s the motivation for the 2k league from a high level? Is the plan to create something that can exist on it’s own and sustain itself or is it meant to be something that has to be fully supported financially by the NBA/Take Two Interactive?
  • [21:17] What’s the importance of content and media production for the 2k league?
  • [22:48] How can NBA 2k players develop their own personal brand?
  • [24:24] What will the 2k league broadcast & media production ecosystem look like?
  • [27:48] What’s it going to take to get drafted? What skills, qualities, etc. are managers and scouts looking for in players?
  • [30:40] Will teams be only drafting 5 players or will there be a bench like in the NBA?
  • [31:55] Clean Stream? Are 2k players being held to a higher standard than NBA pros?
  • [34:03] Advice for getting into NBA2k and becoming an NBA2k League fan?
  • [37:41] What are you expectations for yourself & washington in season 1? Predictions for season 1?
  • [41:22] Shoutouts, where to connect?


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