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How to Build a Collegiate Esports Program with LoL Coach Timothy Fowler

January 22, 2018

Timothy Fowler (@tjfowler89 on Twitter) is a League of Legends coach and an IT guy working for the Application Operations team at Southern New Hampshire University. He previously ran esports teams at his alma mater, Randolph College in Virginia. He and I discuss a super important and popular question: How to Build a Collegiate Esports Program.

We talk about the attraction of collegiate esports, how to determine if there is even interest in esports at your school, how do you pitch your school to get them on board, what games you should compete in, how to build out the team and infrastructure around the program and so much more. This is packed with insights and experience. If you are running or planning on starting an esports club or a varsity program, this episode is a MUST LISTEN!

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [02:25] What’s your earliest memories of playing video games?
  • [06:06] Why is esports so exciting and exploding right now?
  • [08:05] What’s the attraction of collegiate esports? Why is it exploding?
  • [12:28] What’s the goal of a collegiate esports program?
  • [15:38] How do you determine if there’s enough interest at your school?
  • [17:49] Once there is enough interest, how do you get your school on board with this? How do you “sell” them on the idea?
  • [21:48] Would it be smart to get some faculty on board with you prior to going to the schools leaders?
  • [23:10] Should you already have a plan of which games you may compete in?
  • [26:43] The school is on board. They said yes. You’ve got funding for the program. Now what?
  • [28:24] How do you build a team/infrastructure to support the program?
  • [30:28] How should you determine which leagues you can and should participate in?
  • [32:14] What if you win, how does or should the prize money work?
  • [35:30] If you could change one thing about esports what would it be?
  • [36:57] What’s your biggest pet peeve in esports?
  • [38:18] What do you think the esports industry needs to continue to grow and be successful?


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