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World’s Fastest Esport: Sim Racing with Niel Hekkens Owner of NEO Endurance

January 29, 2018

Maybe you’ve heard of it before, maybe you haven’t. But one thing is for sure Sim Racing is the World’s Fastest Esport. This week Niel Hekkens, Owner of NEO Endurance, joins me on the podcast and we talk all about his journey into esports. We talk about his love for racing and where his passion for sim racing started. We talk about the sim racing community and how the ties to traditional racing may be even closer than other esports and their sports counterparts. All that and so much more!

Follow Niel and NEO Endurance on twitter @nielhekkens and @NEOendurance. For even more information about NEO Endurance stop by their website https://www.neo-endurance.com/

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [01:25] What’s your earliest memories of playing video games?
  • [02:28] How did you get into racing and eventually sim racing?
  • [05:26] What is sim racing, iracing & what’s the attraction to it?
  • [06:52] How big is the sim racing community?
  • [08:43] Do Professional Racers use iRacing or any other race simulator as a training tool and how effective is it for that purpose?
  • [11:06] How hard is iRacing to master?
  • [15:15] Is simracing a growing community?
  • [17:51] How does iRacing compare to Forza and Gran Turismo? Is it just in the physics?
  • [19:50] What is NEO Endurance?
  • [23:06] How do you get your events to run smoothly?
  • [24:31] Advice for people who want to get into racing simulation or iRacing?
  • [26:47] Would you recommend starting with iracing or start with another game first?
  • [27:33] Who are some people to follow in sim racing? Who’s the biggest personality?
  • [29:29] What lessons in esports have you had to learn the hard way?
  • [30:51] What’s the biggest mistake you’ve seen people make?
  • [32:11] What’s your favorite thing about esports?
  • [33:53] What’s one thing you’re really looking forward to in esports, simracing or with NEO endurance specifically?
  • [37:11] Where can people connect with you?



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