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Best Practices for Growing an Amazing Twitch Stream & an Awesome Community with Classic

February 05, 2018

Had such a fun time talking to Classic about Best Practices for Growing an Amazing Twitch Stream & an Awesome Community. We talked about so many good things here, such as what you really should be focusing on when you first start streaming and we talk about some things that has helped classic grow his stream. You definitely want to stay until the end of this one. If you got value from this episode please share it on Twitter and tag me and classic in your post!

Classic has a minor in Video Games study and major in Psychology. He finished his degree in december 2017 while growing his stream. You can catch him on Twitter @classic_rl and at and

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [05:13] What’s your earliest memories of playing video games?
  • [06:13] Who was the first streamer you watched?
  • [07:36] When did you get into streaming?
  • [08:45] Why rocket league?
  • [12:30] Is it more important to be really good at a game or to be funny & entertaining?
  • [13:50] Do you think it’s important to focus on 1 game to build up a brand/community?
  • [20:13] How competitive are you?
  • [25:12] Share with us your progress since you started streaming. Compare day 1 to today.
  • [28:12] How important are overlays, obs settings, presentation of your stream?
  • [32:12] What’s been the most important thing that has helped you grow your community?
  • [35:46] How much time do you spend outside of stream time, working on your stream/community?
  • [38:46] What’s the biggest thing that holds new streamers back?
  • [38:58] What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to streaming?
  • [41:05] What’s your favorite thing about streaming?
  • [45:35] Most memorable moment streaming?
  • [47:28] Nicest person in rocket league?
  • [48:49] What do you want to see in the RL esports scene in the future?
  • [51:12] If you were not streaming what would you be doing?
  • [53:41] What’s your biggest goal & in one word, what is standing between you and your biggest goal?
  • [54:30] How do you think streaming enriches the lives of others?

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