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The Rise of Esports Video Content with Wheels.2k

February 19, 2018

Super excited to have the man Wheels.2k on the podcast to talk about The Rise of Esports Video Content. He is a Video Editor for Splyce and Host of Behind The Cut Podcast. We talk about what should you do if you create something that sucks, do you really love what you put out, the current state of esports content and how to supplement video with other forms of content. He ends the show with giving some advice to new content creators particularly around the very controversial idea of working for free.

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Behind The Cut Podcast

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Questions Asked During the Show

  • [04:54] Wheels starts off by telling us his story
  • [17:21] Why is esports exploding right now?
  • [21:54] In your conversation with Chris Bet he mentioned that every project you do should be a little bit better than the last. My question is, what if it’s not. What if you create something and you think it sucks? How do you personally handle that?
  • [26:20] What’s better: speed of putting out work or scrutinized or refined but fewer pieces of work?
  • [29:38] Do you ever really love what you put out?
  • [35:44] What’s the current state of esports video content? What’s working well right now and where do you think the content can go to make it better?
  • [39:56] How do you feel about creating content that’s not necessarily esports or video game related?
  • [42:49] How do you think the other forms of communication (written word, spoken word) can supplement or enhance esports content?
  • [51:38] What lessons in esports have you had to learn the hard way?
  • [55:34] What’s the biggest mistake you’ve seen people make?
  • [58:13] What’s your biggest goal and in one word, what is standing between you and that big huge goal?
  • [59:30] Advice for new video producers/editors who want to get into esports video content creation?
  • [1:03:02] Should you work for free?
  • [1:05:20] What is behind the cut and why did you start it?


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