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Carman Lam on League of Legends & Collegiate Esports

August 16, 2017

TEN:007 | League of Legends & Collegiate Esports with Carman Lam

Carman is a University of British Columbia Alum, she co- founded the collegiate esports organization UBCEsports in 2012. She personally managed the ubc esports League of Legends team for the last 5 years and worked closely with Riot on their collegiate program from time to time.

Esports is a community, it's really social, it's really competitive, it brings people together all over the world
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Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [00:40] What’s your esports narrative?
    • [00:50] Got started with UBCEsports because of being a university student
    • [1:00] Before starting ubcesports association they formed a team in 2011 which Carman played on
    • [1:18] When the esports association formed she decided to manage the team so she could dedicate time into building up the club
  • [1:33] What was it like managing a League of Legends team?
    • [1:35] She did everything except for playing and it was almost like babysitting
    • [2:00] Took care of the team anyway she could outside of the game
    • [2:08] That included signing up for tournaments, scheduling scrims, talking to professions about rescheduling midterms so they can participate in tournaments and so much more
    • [2:31] Carman was also the social media person for the team as well
  • [5:03] What was it like when first starting out in collegiate esports?
    • [5:10] It was more casual than competitive at the beginning
    • [5:20] There wasn’t huge prize pools
  • [6:00] What is esports?
    • [6:05] To Carman, esports is a lifestyle
    • [6:20] There is so much more to esports than just competition, but esports to carman equates to competitive video games
  • [7:11] Worst moment in esports?
    • [7:35] When Carman and her team were qualifying for the live event of the NACC in 2014, they lost but they knew that one of the opposing players was illegally ringing. It was a stressful and emotional time to try and get that all sorted out. They went on to lose in the final four
  • [9:30] Biggest accomplishment in esports?
    • [9:35] Winning first place in 2015 NACC, especially after a tough tournament the previous year
  • [10:35] How did it feel, coming from that disappointing loss in 2014 to come back and win in 2015?
    • [10:37] It was the best feeling our team ever felt because they finally proved themselves
    • [11:00] They went on to continue to win everything for two years straight
  • [11:24] Why is esports so exciting?
    • [11:35] It’s a community, it’s really social, it’s really competitive, it brings people together all over the world
  • [12:24] 5 Question Combo Breaker
    • [12:29] Best advice someone has ever given you? To step down from ubcesports because Carman feels it’s important to not revolve your organization around just a few people so that you can continue to grow the organization and the team
    • [13:52] What does the esports industry need to grow and continue to be successful? Carman feels like the industry and the fans are still very immature, it’s the one thing she doesn’t like about it
    • [15:42] Most memorable moment in esports? When Carman and her team flew to Korea and competed against teams from other countries and won
    • [17:10] Share a resource that’s been beneficial to you in your career. Carman is really interested in the administrative process of a manager but one tip she has is to go to local events and network with people. Someone there might be able to help with management of a team or have other skills you may be looking for
    • [20:55] What’s one daily habit that’s been the biggest factor for your success? Communication, in game and outside of the game. We always had to make sure our players were always on the same page
  • [22:55] What’s your advice for someone just getting into esports?
    • [23:00] Keep talking about it, ask questions if you don’t know what to talk about
    • [23:29] Get to know people and network
    • [24:41] It’s so easy to pick things up by yourself by just watching streams or play games yourself and learn why people enjoy playing it and watching it

You can connect with Carman on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat (Chiyeuk).

3 Big Narratives

  1. Esports is a community, it’s really social, it’s really competitive, it brings people together all over the world
  2. Communication, in game and outside of the game, is incredibly important
  3. Get to know people and network


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