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In The Spotlight | Chuck “CDew” Dewland

August 04, 2017

In The Spotlight | Chuck “CDew” Dewland

WoW PVP Professional | Streamer | Entertainer

3rd Place 2009 Blizzcon Regional Finals – best placement since becoming pro the same year

2010 Intel Extreme Masters IV(4) World Championship Champion – Incredible accomplishment and improvement from the previous year

4th Place Blizzcon 2012 – Incredible show of grit and determination but ultimately left empty handed as Cdew and his team place 4th. The moniker of “O &” begins

2014 Arena Semi-Finalist – The 3 Amigos, featuring Cdew, Venruki and Snutz, take the WoW world by storm but come up short achieving third place, making Cdew’s Blizzcon record “O & 2”

2016 NA Regional Champion – Hard fought battles, excitement, hype and energy

2nd Place Blizzcon 2016 – Battle of the wits, perseverance, comp and meta mindgames and a disappointing loss none the less, making Cdew’s Blizzcon record “O & 3”

4th Place North America Arena Cup #1 – Cdew and his team of Samiyam, Snutz and Bean and been grinding hard working their way up the points list

1st Place GCDTV NA April Clash – Under the banner Method Reborn Cdew is prime and ready to make this the year of his blizzcon championship legacy

4th Place in the North America Arena Cup #2 – Meta’s change and comps change but this Method Reborn team know how to grind out tournaments

1st place in the GCDTV NA May Clash – They seem fearless in the face of overwhelming odds

4th place in the North America Arena Cup #3 – Is this the last Blizzcon for Cdew? Will he be stepping away from the game competitively?

4th place in the Method NA Major – Will we see the legacy of the BEST WoW PVP Healer every to play the game win his prized Blizzcon Championship?


I, for one, hope to see Cdew and his team of Samiyam, Snutz and Bean realize their greatness and achieve the Blizzcon Championship. It seems as though, even being some of the best players to play the game, are still voted as the underdogs. Can they overcome the odds? Can they rise to the occasion?

I for one am rooting for Cdew and his team. It would be a cinderella story to see Cdew win his Blizzcon Championship. It would be an accomplishment of a lifetime. It would be a legacy, a story, an amazing esports narrative that will go down in history as the greatest quest to win the Blizzcon Championship, ever.


Good luck Cdew and crew!

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