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The Last Episode – For Now

March 30, 2018

First – I just want to say thank you to everyone who has supported the show from the very beginning. I have never asked for anything other than your time in listening to each episode and since I know how valuable time is, I really want to make sure I emphasize how thankful I am that you listen to the show and that you you’ve shared it with your circle of friends. Thank you!

Second – I think I owe you an explanation of why this is the last episode for now. Although I have great aspirations to something bigger in esports, I know that the reality of right now is that I’m laser focused on my career in Information Security (or Cybersecurity for the buzzword-a-holics). I’m tripling down on my efforts to learn, grow, develop and become even better at my craft. So that I can use that as leverage later on in life in my larger goal of doing some more cool things in esports. Because of this tripling down effort, i’m needing to use my time in the evenings after family time and the kids go to bed, to honing my craft as I mentioned above. I’m the type of person who goes very very heavy in one direction and I like devoting as much time as I can to something.

That’s why this podcast even exists today. Since starting this show in August of 2017 we have seen thousands of unique listeners. We have got the show to the point where we were averaging around 100 unique listens per episode! That’s all from your faith in the show, sharing it with your friends and 7 months of grinding every single night to make this show worth listening to and worth following.

I have learned a lot in the last 7 months about podcasting, interviewing, communicating, social media, branding and marketing and overall just how you provide value to a community. This was an experiment that although is ending for now, has taught me a lot and was definitely worth the time and investment.

Lastly – I would love to see this show live on, so the last thing I want to mention is if anyone has any aspirations to do this podcasting thing and talk to people in the industry by all means, GO FOR IT! If you’re interested in using my platform or base to do so, reach out. I have everything needed to hit the ground running already in place. This website will live on for a while, hosting is cheap enough and the content is extremely valuable. So that’s not going anywhere.

I have no idea if this is something I will pick back up at some point. I can see a future where I am motivated to reboot this thing and put more esports content out there, but for now it’s cya later. Thank you again for everyone who supported the show I really appreciate you, I really hope this podcast brought you some enjoyment, entertainment. I hope that maybe you learned a thing or two from the guests or that you got value in any other way. If I could just bring you a tiny bit of value I think i’ve done good.

I know my closing tagline is always if this all goes as planned this show is just the beginning and really that still holds true, just not necessarily in the immediate future for esports, more so myself and my career.

I’ll leave you with one last thing: Memento Mori. It means remember death. Remember that we are all going to die and you should spend zero time doing things you hate. There is zero point, zero value in doing things on a daily basis that don’t bring you joy and happiness. Sure you will have to do some things you don’t like, I get that. I’m talking about at a macro, don’t stay in a job you hate, don’t stay with someone you don’t really love, don’t do things that don’t fulfil you, that don’t inspire you, that don’t make you happy because at the end of the road, when you realize you’ve done things to make other people happy and not yourself, you will regret it and you will resent those people! Memento Mori. Remember your death.

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