The internet has literally changed the world more than we’re able to comprehend because of the single fact that it’s still so young.

We’re living through one of the most interesting times of our lives where kids are watching more content on the internet than they are playing with legos. Kids are glued to their devices and their being fed content from just a few major platforms. You know the popular ones. Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, YouTube and there other other big players I’m leaving out but you get the point.

I want to focus on one specific platform I left out. Twitch. It’s Netflix + YouTube virality factor + twitter chat. It’s where every single young kid is going to watch content. Boys and girls. They are idealizing streamers and professional gamers. So much so that they want to be just like them. So there is a trend of every young kid wanting to be a YouTube star. And I think the next decade is going to be the age of every young kid wanting to be a pro gamer.

I think that is awesome. I think it’s great for the industry. Now it’s the adult time. If you’re leading an organization or a team or you are the platform developer ourself. You have THE responsibly to foster a community that is respectful and develop these young minds so that they are not only growing into great people and contributing to society but that they are also developing skills when they ultimately retire from pro gaming.

Yes I think we should be developing our youth for their ultimate retirement from pro gaming so they are prepared to make it after the fact.

I cannot wait until I’m in that position to do just that. I’m going to document the heck out of it and show the world what this pro gamer esports thing is REALLY all about.

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